How to celebrate for Madden 20 coins
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The celebrations have become part of the Madden video game series, but like the League itself, the game has adapted to new trends.

Since the NFL now allows team celebrations during competitions, EA Sports has added team celebrations to "Madden NFL 20" so you can score when you arrive. There are several other options for crossing the target line.

You can have player specific celebrations, general dances, spikes or booty celebrations. As in previous years, there is another option to celebrate before you cross the target line or "show off.".

We'll explain how to do all of these celebrations and provide some examples of how they look.

How to celebrate for Madden 20 coins

As you can see in the screenshot above, the system will prompt you to celebrate after the touchdown score is completed. Below the timer is a white timer that you can take a few seconds to decide what to celebrate (if any).

Maybe you're more of a Larry Fitzgerald type and prefer your virtual player to simply hand the mut coins to the referee.

However, if you prefer little Odell Beckham, there are five options. All of these can be used on Playstation or Xbox with the right analog stick.

Team celebration: move right hold on

Player specific celebrations: move down to the right

Dance: move the right rocker to the left

Seckill: move the right rocker to the right

Booty celebration: push in the right stick

What's the best celebration of "dynamite 20"?

After selecting the desired celebration style, you can use a variety of different animations.

The following video describes several different situations you may see when playing.

How to show yachts in "dynamite 20"

If you really want to laugh at your opponent, you may want to try to row mut coins with dazzling colors. It's a celebration before reaching the finish line. Follow deion Sanders' thinking, and when you return to the interception area or pan, reach the destination area with your feet high.

Before doing this: make sure there are no defenders around.

If you're playing with tyreek hill and everyone is running, be sure to keep celebrating early. However, if you have defenders nearby, your players are likely to be robbed before crossing the goal line, which can easily lead to confusion.

As with festivals, EA sport's showboating control contains several different animations.


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