I remember one night, I was doing random attacks, and when global chat began to launch some massive, shocking raids, I was going to shut down and go to sleep, like once in a lifetime.

Hundreds of lunatics (myself included) are making a massive raid for hours, called "for the Horde," which includes four things (killing each enemy's capital), which is hard to do this time. This kind of large-scale cooperative attack will destroy the server and make it unable to play, which is one of the reasons why it can only be completed in the late night.

As a result, I spent hours chasing each other in the world of warcraft with hundreds of gamers, as well as complete strangers. Apart from adrenaline lag, insomnia, and some virtual badges, nothing else showed our addiction as our dedication.

Warcraft has figured out how to make most things simple, something that anyone can do, but some things are even incredibly difficult for many people, especially when you want to buy wow classic gold. Until you need 40 Chinese toon raids precisely timed, no one's bathroom takes three hours, disgusting loot and appalling tasks will cause nausea.

I've never seen a better designed mass-market game before or since. At some point in my life, it seems that half of the people I know are playing, from the project director of the start-up I'm selling to my wife's dance director and old school friends. Everyone seems to be playing at least one cartoon, but there are only three or four better players I know. It was a perfect match and I'm looking forward to seeing the next one.


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