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The Madden Challenge is back with the popular MUT Draft mode. With 16 competitors fighting for their share of $190,000, the competition will be tougher than ever. The live finals will be conducted in two stages; Group Stage and Playoffs.

Ultimate Challenges is the next step in the evolution of what was formerly known as Solo Challenges. Solos, no more!

One of the major adjustments in Ultimate Challenges is a new star-based rewards system. Before you begin an Ultimate Challenge, you will have the ability to choose from one, two, or three stars. The higher the number of stars, the higher the difficulty and intensity of the challenge. If you want a more casual experience, you can select one star. Once you begin bumping up the star level, the challenge gets more difficult, in any number of ways, to complete. For this reason, Ultimate Challenges will be replay-able. So, you can complete an Ultimate Challenge on one star to get comfortable with it. Then you can work your way up to three stars, and the rewards you receive upon completion will reflect the star level you completed the challenge on.

Make Madden 20 Coins with Challenges
In every game, taking part in challenges is the best, easiest and most basic way to earn coins. To collect MUT coins, enter the Play Section and choose challenges for yourself.

Madden 20 is different from the previous games in the franchise due to the new update that developers have added in the game.

There is a new star-based rewards system in the challenges in Madden 20, this means that the difficulty level in Madden 20 is customizable.

When you go and choose a challenge for yourself, make sure that you keep the difficulty high enough, up to at least 3 stars.

The difficulty level of the game does affect the challenges by making them a whole lot tougher but on wining those challenges you win many more coins and any other items than playing the challenge on a lower difficulty level.

Therefore, when you go and choose a challenge, make sure to set your difficulty up to 3-5 stars and win a lot of coins.

Do not grind on a higher difficulty level if you cannot win it because then there is no point. Choose the difficulty level that suits you best and plays your game on that difficulty.


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